Tuymaada Diamond (TMDM:RU)

TUYMAADA DIAMOND - the largest siberian diamonds producer

Tuymaada Diamond is the largest producer of polished diamonds (brilliants) in The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Siberia, Russian Federation. Tuymaada Diamond buys rough diamonds directly from Alrosa, the only diamond miner in Russian Federation and the second largest rough diamond supplier by value in the world. Tuymaada Diamond buys them just in russian diamond minings before they go to any diamond auctions or exchanges and manufactures the diamonds on its own diamond cutting plants. Tuymaada Diamond can sell you yakutian genuine diamonds that are the best part of the russian diamonds right in the USA bypassing numerious diamond exchanges, diamond dealers, importers, wholesalers and resellers. It lets to keep the prices of our russian diamonds incredibly low with no compromizing the traditional high quality of legendary russian cut.

30/4 Kurashova Str., Yakutsk 677000, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Federation.
Tel.: +7-(4112) 32-19-28. Fax: +7-(4112) 32-16-17.

Representative Office in Moscow:
17 1st Ymskogo Polya, Unit 13, Moscow, 125124 Russian Federation.
Tel.: +7-(495) 257-14-20, ext. 240 or 243

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Correct spellings: Diamonds not Daimonds, Diamond not Dimond (Daimond, Diamante), Brilliant not Brylliant (Briliant, Bryllyant, Brylyant), Siberian not Syberian, Tuymaada not Tuymada (Tujmaada,Tujmada,Tuimaada,Tuimada) Yakutia not Ykutia (Jakutia,Iakutia,Yakutiya) Russian not Rassian, Rusian, Rushen